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Do you have the desire to BE BRILLIANT at what you do and shine as a confident, powerful, sought-after coach?


Stephanie Marisca & the Coaches Café show you how to get the right coaching and mentoring skills training that professional coaches need to have a thriving coaching practice.

If you are passionate about being a professional coach, committed to making a difference in the world; you’re in the right place.

The COACHES CAFÉ gives you access to the right support, mentoring and professional growth you need to BE BRILLIANT at what you do!

Imagine how your coaching practice and your life could shine if you could:

  • Gain the motivation and inspiration you need to get out there and put your certification to work for you
  • Be more efficient and effective in your sessions
  • Make a profound impact on your client’s results in less time
  • Feel confident enough to coach any situation
  • Take your coaching skills to the next level
  • Grow your business easily and effortlessly

You can get free access right now!

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Call in and ask any question you want so you can get the support you need to let your brilliance shine through as a coach.

I am passionate about coaching and helping other coaches BE BRILLIANT at what they do, that’s why I created the Coaches Café – to provide free coaching and mentoring skills training and a supportive community to help you shine as a coach.

So grab your BE Brilliant Coaching Kit and get started right now toward a more Brilliant coaching practice.

In the meantime, keep coaching, pass on your passion, and be brilliant at what you do.

Stephanie Marisca, PCC
Coaches Cafe
Coaching and Mentoring Skills Training
for Professional Coaches

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Client Success Stories

“…beyond brilliant; it is foundational to the profession.”

“Stephanie Marisca is a spirited and immensely talented coach. Her commitment to the professional coaching community is beyond brilliant; it is foundational to the profession.

“Stephanie’s innovation in creating Coaches Café has infused the community with contagious passion. Her menu offers the latest topics and truly supports coaching mastery. Thank you Stephanie, for all that you do!”

Michelle J. Bourassa MS, CPC, ELI-MP
Leadership Coach
What’s Next Professional Coaching

“Stephanie is worth her weight in Gold”

“I was trained by Stephanie Marisca and have had the privilege to access her mentoring through the Coaches Café.

“Stephanie cares deeply about Coaching and professionalism. I knew that if I attended the Coaches Café I would have access to both of these qualities which would enhance the facets of my brilliance as a Coach. The mentor calls have allowed my brilliance to shine through because I was able to access:

  • Stephanie’s wealth of knowledge and guidance
  • Professionally well run meeting
  • Access to other Coaches through Facebook
  • Recorded sessions to access at any time
  • A SAFE place to take risks
  • A Fun learning environment

I would encourage all Coaches to access the Café whether they are new to Coaching or veterans. Talk about brilliance…Stephanie is worth her weight in Gold …even at today’s Gold standard.”

Kathy Bowen