Raving Fan Testimonials for Stephanie Marisca and Coaches Cafe

“Most valuable asset to my business”

“There is no question in my mind that partnering with Stephanie Marisca as a mentor coach was the most valuable asset to my business coming out of the gate. Working with Stephanie allowed me the opportunity to further develop my confidence, gain clarity and really sharpen my coaching skills to better serve my clients!

“I highly recommend Stephanie’s mentor coaching programs to anyone who is seeking to move forward with greater skill and the needed discernment to make each decision concerning their business aligned to who they are.”

Maribeth Jaklik, CPC
Life Coach

“Of the highest caliber”

“Stephanie Marisca is the real deal! I have had the great pleasure of working with Stephanie over the last six years in a multitude of professional capacities.

“She was my Coaching Instructor at iPEC Institute – phenomenal learning and fun; Private Coach to support my business development endeavors – always knows just the right question to facilitate movement and access wisdom; and Mentor Coach – Creator and Facilitator of the Coaches Cafe – the premier resource to receive coaching support, development and mentorship!

“I would recommend her to any coach who is serious about elevating their coaching skills and application, marketing and business development – her coaching, mentoring and colleagueship are of the highest caliber supplemented with the deepest dignity, care and respect for others.”

Kristin L. Mann, MBA, CEC
Executive Leadership and Life Coach

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“Always looking out for my best interests”

“Thank you for being my mentor coach. Throughout my career, I have had many different mentors – none were as effective as you were.

“Each coaching session with you was an eye opener for me – a BIG AHA! You brought moments of clarity on how to improve my coaching skills and self discovery into my own style of coaching. Your direct approach coupled with a gentle spirit made me look forward to the next session where you would champion me to the next level of coaching.

“I always felt enormous progress from session to session. I am truly fortunate to have been assigned you as my mentor coach. I think of you as my “angel” coach always looking out for my best interests and prodding me to reach for the stars. From the bottom of my heart, I am deeply indebted to you as you have shaped me into the coach I am today.”

Katie Weiser, CPC, ACC

“A trusted expert”

“I’ve had the professional and personal privilege of knowing and working with Stephanie for over 2 years now. When I went through my coach training school via iPEC, her wealth of coaching knowledge, dedication to the field, and sincere desire for me to succeed was such an important piece of my training. But more importantly, Stephanie’s confidence, smarts and compassion enabled me to trust in my self more, both in coaching and in my day-to-day life.

“After a year of running my own successful coaching practice, I wanted to change gears into a new niche that had a lot of personal importance to to me: working with plus-sized women around body image and self-love. As much as the idea excited me, I wasn’t quite clear on how to make the transition in an empowering way and I still had my own beliefs to sort out first.

“I worked with Stephanie privately and each time our call ended, my body, mind and spirit were filled with immense joy and confidence that I had exactly (and way more!) of what it takes to be a stellar coach in this area AND be more kind to myself along the way. Stephanie’s not only an excellent coach, she’s a community builder and through her passion for helping individuals and coaches alike, I feel that a trusted expert and valued peer is on my side.”

Rachel O’h-Uiginn,CPC
Certified Professional Life Coach

“Nothing short of inspirational”

“In less than 30 minutes, you coached me through a barrier that had been in my field of view for as long as I can remember…that’s a pretty darned amazing feat.

“Even within my emotional turmoil, I could see such high a standard of coaching dedication and integrity in your work that it was nothing short of inspirational…I kid you not.”

Dr. Chris Dewey, CPC
Third Pathway Coaching Services

“I’m so happy that my path led me to you.”

“Thank you again for the great coaching session today! I did reach clarity in each of the three areas that we addressed and am excited to take those next steps/initiatives that I was able to outline.

“Thank you for your fabulous support and insightful questions. My dreams (literal ones from sleeping!) are reaffirming the exterior movement that I’m making. I’m so happy that my path led me to you. All of this is changing my life and in such positive ways.”

Hannah Anderson, Energy Life Coach

“She is truly a stand out”

“Stephanie is an inspired mentor coach. Her mentor style teaches you to embrace your own personal coach approach while at the same time meeting International Coach Federation Standards.

“Stephanie taught me to not just use coaching tools and approaches but to also embrace the powerful coach persona inside me. One of the keys to my thriving business success, I attribute to the teaching and mentoring that Stephanie provided. She is truly a stand out in the coaching profession.”

Karen Burke, Engineer, MBA, PCC
The Corporate Navigator Coach

“I feel so empowered…”

“I always wanted to accomplish certain things at various stages in my life but something was always holding me back. Working with Stephanie helped me to define what that something was and turn it completely around. What I had perceived my entire life as my greatest weakness became my greatest strength. I haven’t looked back since.

“Stephanie is an incredibly insightful coach. I feel so empowered and ready to move into the next chapter of my life. Thank you Stephanie.”

Inge Flackett, CPC
Cultural Adjustment Coaching

“A top notch coach and facilitator”

“I have had the opportunity to work with Stephanie Marisca in three different aspects of a coaching experience. I was first introduced to her as my coaching SIG facilitator. She immediately impressed me with her command of coaching skills but even more appealing was how easy it was to connect to her.

“When I heard about a program she was running called Powerful Presentations, I signed on immediately. That was hands down the best investment I have made since becoming a coach. Not only did I learn an invaluable amount of information that I will always be able to use but once again Stephanie proved to be a top notch coach and facilitator. Consistently she led the group with great energy and professionalism.

“What I love most about Stephanie is her great ability to make all her participants feel heard. She genuinely has every group member’s best interest at heart. Additionally, I have worked with Stephanie privately and frequently have attended the monthly Coaches Cafe she runs. In every venue I have worked with her, she shows up 100%. I hope I am fortunate enough to have more opportunities work with her!”

Holly Boxenhorn MSW, CSW, CPC, ELI-MP

“Genuine interest and support”

“The Coaches Cafe has prompted me to think differently about how I’ve been building my practice. Instead of repeating the same old patterns, Stephanie’s enthusiasm and energy has inspired me to reach beyond my usual ways of doing business. Her genuine interest and support for me and my success as coach is what the Cafe is all about.”

Kathy Black, CEC
Spiritual Life Coach

“A wonderful supporting resource”

“The Mentor Calls that Stephanie has provided through the Coaches Café have been a wonderful supporting resource as I grow my coaching practice. The calls provide me with personal inspiration for increasing my coaching and business effectiveness, all in a supportive coaching community environment.

“I’ve also found the Café topics that Stephanie has brought forth to be a great mix, ranging from informative and educational to highly fun and creative. Whether the “menu” is Stephanie sharing her coaching expertise and guidance, or one of the invited expert guest speakers, I try to make this one call I don’t miss.”

Jamie Alpha, CPC
Peaceful Parenting Coach

“A brilliant resource for coaches.”

“Coaches Café is a brilliant resource for coaches. The Ask the Mentor Free Monthly Calls are filled with valuable topics and knowledgeable people from the coaching field.

“I truly benefit from these talks. I was so inspired after a niche development call that I took action to get the help I needed from the resources that were provided. I am now working on marketing and content for my website. It was just the motivation and inspiration I needed to get myself into action!

“Coaches Café with Stephanie Marisca is just terrific! Stephanie freely shares her great knowledge, enthusiasm and love of her work to help coaches sort through their priorities, move to a place of confidence, take inspired action and create success with their coaching.”

Cheryl Roshak, CPC

“Stephanie is worth her weight in Gold”

“I was trained by Stephanie Marisca and have had the privilege to access her mentoring through the Coaches Café. Stephanie cares deeply about Coaching and professionalism. I knew that if I attended the Coaches Café I would have access to both of these qualities, which would enhance the facets of my brilliance as a Coach. The mentor calls have allowed my brilliance to shine through because I was able to access:

  • Stephanie’s wealth of knowledge and guidance
  • Professionally well run meeting
  • Access to other Coaches through Facebook
  • Recorded sessions to access at any time
  • A SAFE place to take risks
  • A Fun learning environment

“I would encourage all Coaches to access the Café whether they are new to Coaching or veterans. Talk about brilliance…Stephanie is worth her weight in Gold …even at today’s Gold standard.”

Kathy Bowen, CPC

“Foundational to the profession.”

“Stephanie Marisca is a spirited and immensely talented coach. Her commitment to the professional coaching community is beyond brilliant; it is foundational to the profession.

“Stephanie’s innovation in creating Coaches Café has infused the community with contagious passion. Her menu offers the latest topics and truly supports coaching mastery. Thank you Stephanie, for all that you do!”

Michelle J. Bourassa MS, CPC, ELI-MP
Leadership Coach
What’s Next Professional Coaching

“Thank you Stephanie!”

“The Coaches Café – Delicious, nutritious, and the company is auspicious. A big shout out to Stephanie for creating this welcoming space for coaches to be in community, learn new concepts, reinforce what we already know, and share our knowledge and experiences for mutual benefit.

“Stephanie brings her unique blend of talents – mentoring, teaching, and extensive coaching experience together to serve us her very best. Her love of coaching and her desire to advance the coaching profession really shines through as she creates a new experience for us each month.

“I have relished my visits to the Coaches Café and look forward to many more. Thank you Stephanie!”

Leslie F. Yeager, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP


“Your presence, insight, and expertise are invaluable in my experience as a growing coach and empowered human being. Everything you have shared has served powerfully in calling me to the top of my game.”

Sarah M. Kipp, CPC
Professional Coach, Speaker, Author

“Supported me in moving forward.”

“Our recent coaching session was a great reminder of how much coaches benefit from being coached themselves. Your coaching was so helpful in enabling me to gain clarity in a challenging situation.

“I have followed up by having several conversations with my colleague and, while not easy, it’s been a relief to know I am doing what I need to do to be in integrity with myself and helpful to a friend and colleague as he grows.

“In the process, of course, I am learning tons about myself and the places I might make assumptions without consciously challenging myself. Thank you again for the great questions and clarity that have supported me in moving forward.”

Ann V. Deaton, PhD, PCC,

“Understanding beyond comprehension”

“Thanks for the great notes but most of all thanks for your unbelievable presence with me yesterday. It was an intense very in the moment time that provided a spiritual platform for which to perch as I am ready to take on what awaits for me now.

“My instinct about working with you at a deep level to reflect back to me in a way that I can begin to “unlock” is so right on. Thanks for being there and for your presence to really meet me where I am and have an understanding beyond comprehension. I am so excited to learn the depth and breath of what will unfold.”

Diane Carazas,CPC
Partner, Leadership Coach
Innovation Partners International

“A masterful coach”

“I admire your coaching style being on point, helping me to focus, set intentions and follow through with them. You are always poised and calm even when I am not. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a masterful coach like yourself.”

Michael Sherman, CPC
Personal Trainer and Life Coach

“I can highly recommend Stephanie”

“Stephanie was my mentor coach for a few months. Her enthusiasm for helping me “learn the ropes” was constantly felt and her technique was very easy going and non-threatening.

“I recently enlisted Stephanie’s help on a project idea that I had and once again she was able to clear the fog in my head and help me see the light. I can highly recommend Stephanie to anyone who needs a helping hand in achieving their true greatness.”

Randy Kramer, CPA, CPC

“You prepared me well for my exams”

“You have impacted me in a very powerful way and I want to thank you. No doubt, you prepared me well for my exams, my coaching practice and my life.

“Thank you for being you and sharing yourself with me.”

Don Tyler, CPC

“I learned so much”

“Great session! I learned so much: deep intuitive listening, tapping into the language of the client, returning to myself when I stray into my agenda fantasy. These are all valuable realizations and opportunities to reflect and be a better coach! Thank you so much!”

Tova Cohen, CPC
Life Coach

“Amazing work”

“I really value your newsletters, read every word. They are just jam packed with really good information (use the tools and watch any video links you send as well!) and look forward to seeing them in my inbox! Thank you for doing such amazing work!!”

Diane Moss, CPC
Positive Pathways Coaching

“Thank you for an excellent call”

“Just a short note to say THANK YOU for an excellent call.

“The tip about visioning type questions was such an impactful insight for me! Many thanks to you for venturing out and creating this community.”

Laura Young, CPC
Abundant Living
Business Career & Life Coaching

“Great tips and reminders”

“Just listened to last night’s call and it was fantastic!!  Thanks so much for doing this!!!

“Great tips and reminders to help me remain focused!”

Kris McCrea Scrutchfield, Principal
McCrea Coaching

“Well worth it”

“I wanted say thank you for the Café last week – even for just the sharing of powerful coaching vs. masterful coaching the hour of attention was well worth it – it topped off the fact that every question honed skills.”

Deborah Smith, ACC, LMT
Crossroads Recovery Coaching Trainer
Voice of the Heart Coaching

“I love your energy and gifts”

“There was a little of everything for everyone. I would be surprised if someone left with nothing gained. I am so looking forward to the next. Glad I jumped in on the call. I love your energy and gifts that you share.”

Tom Ellis, CPC