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Coaching classes, programs, and FREE monthly mentor calls so you can gain the confidence you need to be a brilliant coach

Take a seat at the COACHES CAFÉ and browse our menu of dynamic programs designed to help you:

  • Increase self-awareness and self-confidence
  • Leverage your strengths and talents for greater success
  • Experience new approaches to build your business
  • Adopt powerful success rituals
  • Align your energy with your potential
  • Let your brilliance shine through

Our programs go beyond the “how-to” information. We delve into the subtleties and nuances of your personal identity and calling—the heart of your potential as an extraordinary and brilliant coach.

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Call in to our live community training sessions for Insider Tips to boost your coaching practice. We explore a variety of topics where you can submit any questions about coaching skills, tools, client challenges, ICF Core Competencies and so much more.

Gather in community with other professional coaches to share expertise, expand skill sets and knowledge, and learn from other experts in the field.

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  • Jan 18, 2018
  • Feb 15, 2018
  • Mar 15, 2018
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We love “To Go” orders, and we deliver!  If you can’t make the call live, no worries, you receive the link to the online recording within 48hrs to listen at your convenience.

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Coaches Boot Camp LIVE

A Daylong Skills and Competency Workout

Connect with your colleagues and improve your coaching skills while having the focused attention from two seasoned and skilled coach trainers and mentors, Stephanie Marisca, PCC and Tara Roth, PCC. Together they have trained and certified hundreds of coaches and mentored even more coaching sessions

While individual mentoring is potent, we also know the power of the experience of coming together with other coaches in a group setting. This full day experience is designed to immerse you in the ICF Core Competencies while providing you professional and individual support.

Next BootCamp Fall 2018 –  Details  here…

It’s a Marketing Miracle!

A 33-Day Inner Journey for Creating Your Success

If you are tired of feeling confused and stuck by taking the conventional marketing approach to success, then it’s time to align your energy so success can happen!

Learn a powerful step-by-step process to follow any project or idea through to reality. Bring your thoughts, beliefs and actions into harmony to align your energy with your greatest potential.

Every four days you receive an email with specific steps to take you along this journey to create your marketing miracle in just 33 days.

Apply this simple method to create miracles in any aspect of your life, and be in the constant flow of manifestation in any moment, situation or circumstance. Marketing has never been so easy or so fun!

Next Session begins Feb 16, 2018.  Click here for details….

The Secrets To Powerful Presentations To Build Your Coaching Practice

How to Design, Develop and Deliver

You don’t have to remain fearful and stressed by the thought of giving a presentation anymore. This eight session teleseminar series is specifically for professional coaches who want to design powerful presentations with passion and purpose.  Along with your coaching skills, this information-packed program gives you the knowledge, tools, materials, planning and preparation you need to deliver a powerful presentation with enthusiasm, excitement and confidence.

Make marketing and networking fun and easy, engage prospective clients while getting known as an expert in your niche and develop multiple streams of income with this simple, well organized, proven approach.

Next Series Begins Feb 27, 2018  Click here for  more information…

sky dive

Dream BIG!
Make It Happen!

 A Wildly Inspired Adventure

Do you have a dream inside you that feels bigger than you?
A big dream that needs inspiration and creative attention?

Be wildly inspired in a safe, supported space to challenge your thinking around what’s possible, breakthrough your fears, share your inspirations and wild ideas, all in the company of other amazing visionaries and change-makers.

If you are tired of going it alone wondering when you will launch that next big idea, and could use the encouragement, motivation and commitment of other courageous big-thinkers and you are ready to get out of the box, take it to the next level, play a bigger game, have some serious fun, and say “YES” to living a bigger life, then this summer adventure is for you!

Next Adventure TBA.  Click here to learn more…

Curing What AILS You

It’s All in Your Head

Are you tired of wondering if you will ever be able to make a decent living as a coach? Are you frustrated because you just can’t make your business happen the way you expected?   Thoughts that hold you back from possibility, action, and success are generally comprised of Assumptions, Interpretations, Limiting beliefs and Self-sabotage— AILS.

Discover a simple approach to curing what AILS you. Learn to shift your state of mind toward greater creativity and inspired action.  Gain the skills to manage and expand your awareness in all areas of your life and create a deeper connection to yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Experience your life with greater calm, confidence, clarity and success.

Understanding Your Personal Energy

How To Feel More Energized Everyday

This introduction to understanding personal energy from both western and eastern perspectives teaches basic strategies for managing and maintaining your energy more effectively.

Learn simple exercises to explore how your personal energy and the energy of others has an influence over your physical health, mental well-being, and ability to achieve success.

Motivate And Energize Yourself

Self-Hypnosis for Coaches

What if you had greater motivation, confidence, and energy everyday to do all that you dream of?  What if you could override your deep inner blocks that thwart your attempts to let your brilliance shine through?

If you’re fascinated by hypnosis but are unsure of it too, learn to do it yourself! With this simple but powerful tool, you can overcome mental resistance, eliminate blocks and anxieties and instantly reduce stress. Learn how to formulate a powerful and meaningful suggestion specifically for you, how to go into self-hypnosis and establish a routine practice.

Motivate and energize yourself for positive change. Gain a wonderful tool to compliment your coaching—for you as the coach and to share with your clients.