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Holy Grail

In Search of the Holy Should!

Writing is not one of my easy, just do it now kind of talents.  I have to be inspired about something to write. Well, wouldn’t you know that just when I felt like the writing muses had deserted me, I went to an ICF New England event meeting last week. Talk about a dose of inspiration! Wow, I left that event on fire. The evening speaker was Tama Kieves, a career and success coach. She was engaging, funny, inspiring and a wonderful storyteller. Her passion was palpable and infectious. I swear that every person in the room felt like she was telling their story.

I came home excited to be excited again but what should I do with this excitement , how was I going to make it work for me?

I asked this question all week. I got coached on this question all week. I started reading her most recent book INSPIRED & UNSTOPPABLE and every page kept that fire burning.  I didn’t want to lose the excitement and inspiration that was coursing through my veins and filling my heart.  And then I had a mental breakthrough–not a mental breakdown, although sometimes a breakdown is just what leads to a breakthrough.  I realized that I was doing something with my excitement– I was sharing it with others to inspire others to their own action. I was using that inspiration in my coaching sessions, sharing her quotes and reading from her book- YES, seriously! I read a passage from her book to one of my clients and it brought him to tears! It spoke to him, touched his heart, cracked him wide open!  The inspiration was infectious and it started inspiring others to see their gifts and their talents, to be excited about their dreams!  All week I had been wondering what was the ONE thing I should be doing to harness this energy that would make the difference in my business or in my next big adventure. I didn’t even know if I had a next big adventure.

I was doing it without even realizing it.

I was so pre-ocuppied by what “it” should be that I was missing “it” in each moment. I was coaching with my heart on fire, open to give and receive, I was listening so deeply to my clients that I knew what quote would make the difference and that reading from the book would be just the right catalyst.  I was in the moment, I was trusting every inspiration that was coming through me. The key word here is TRUST what was coming through.

I just finished a coaching session with a colleague, (we are supporting each other to stay “inspired and unstoppable”). She was asking a similar question about a book she just wrote, what was the next thing to make her book really happen. Then through our coaching together, she realized that everything she was doing was supporting the book’s success and to just trust that it was all leading her there. Trust again!

How many times do you search for the “holy should be doing” when all along it is already happening?

Take pause….. recognize what you ARE doing, what you are experiencing every day.

Here are a few coaching questions in the moment to keep you in what I like to call, the power of TRUST:

  • How is what I am doing right now supporting my inspirations, dreams, musings, goals?
  • What am I doing naturally that I am not noticing?
  • How much of this is about being not doing– who I am and how I show up?
  • How can I use this natural way of being as a way to support everything I do for myself, as well as for others?
  • How can I trust “it is happening” in every moment, in every experience?
  • What stops me from trusting?
  • How can I shift my awareness to trust more and more in every moment?

Your answers to these questions might be different than mine but DO coach yourself and answer these questions.
See what comes naturally to you and how you do “it” without even trying to make “it” happen.

You just might surprise yourself or at least take a sigh of relief that “it” is happening even without you “making it happen“.

Comment how you stay in a place of trust and how “it” is happening for you.