Mentoring Coaching Skills

At the Coaches Cafe, success is more than marketing know-how.

Let Your Brilliance Shine Through and
Celebrate New Levels of Coaching Success!

Like many new coaches and first-time entrepreneurs, you are probably facing the challenge of building your business and marketing yourself.  You are suddenly confronted with a multitude of choices around where to make the best first investment in your business.

At the COACHES CAFE, success is more than marketing know-how. It’s about gaining the support you need and the confidence in your skills to become a truly brilliant coach.  That’s how you build the thriving and sustainable business you’ve always dreamed of.

The first steps to building your business is to invest in yourself.

With the support of professional mentor coaching you create an environment for your inner development, health, and balance to emerge. You receive the best support necessary from an award winning coach, mentor and trainer, to continue your development as a coach but the secret ingredient is really YOU!

Your personal life, your sense of presence and purpose, the way you manage your coaching practice and how you position yourself professionally, are reflective of the quality of your coaching performance.  Developing a deeper relationship to the self is key to knowing who you are as a coach and what it is you are here to do and how to do it.

Mentor coaching provides opportunities for you to:

  • Deepen the knowledge from your coach training
  • Hone your coaching skills, tools and techniques
  • Receive valuable feed back aligned with the ICF Core Competencies
  • Discuss client challenges
  • Get to the core energy of what’s stopping you from having what you want
  • Discover your true power by reflecting on the self
  • Develop your intuition for guidance and spiritual connection
  • Increase your self-awareness and self-confidence
  • Renew your energy and motivation
  • Take inspired action and acknowledge the positive progress toward your goals.
  • Have a mentor who supports and encourages your brilliance to shine

Custom MeNu Planning

1:1 Mentor Coaching

Just me and you (MeNu) for personal 1:1 mentor coaching. If you are looking for that once-and-for-all commitment to yourself to let your brilliance shine through, this is the program for you. Together we get to the heart of the matter so you can step into your power and create the success you desire.

Whether you are looking to hone your skills, prepare for certification exams, remove deep inner blocks or develop a rich inner life and spiritual connection, together we work on your customized MeNu that is specific to you.  To learn more about this powerful relationship, please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

The VIP Table

Be Inspired By Others

You don’t have to do it alone.

The VIP (Very Inspired Professionals) Tables are small mentor coaching groups with a specialized focus for those professionals who want to be inspired through community. There is power in numbers. Whether you are working towards that next level of certification or wanting to hone your skills through expert feedback and practice, you can design your own group with your peers or join any specific VIP Table groups offered through the COACHES CAFE by reserving your TABLE FOR FOUR, SIX, OR EIGHT.

“Stephanie is an inspired mentor coach. Her mentor style teaches you to embrace your own personal coach approach while at the same time meeting International Coach Federation Standards.

Stephanie taught me to not just use coaching tools and approaches but to also embrace the powerful coach persona inside me. One of the keys to my thriving business success, I attribute to the teaching and mentoring that Stephanie provided. She is truly a stand out in the coaching profession.”

Karen Burke, Engineer, MBA, PCC

“There is no question in my mind that partnering with Stephanie Marisca as a mentor coach was the most valuable asset to my business coming out of the gate. Working with Stephanie allowed me the opportunity to further develop my confidence, gain clarity and really sharpen my coaching skills to better serve my clients!

I highly recommend Stephanie’s mentor coaching programs to anyone who is seeking to move forward with greater skill and the needed discernment to make each decision concerning their business aligned to who they are.”

Maribeth Jaklik, CPC

“I always wanted to accomplish certain things at various stages in my life but something was always holding me back. Working with Stephanie helped me to define what that something was and turn it completely around. What I had perceived my entire life as my greatest weakness became my greatest strength. I haven’t looked back since.”

Inge Flackett, CPC
Cultural Adjustment Coaching

“In less than 30 minutes, you coached me through a barrier that had been in my field of view for as long as I can remember…that’s a pretty darned amazing feat.

Even within my emotional turmoil, I could see such high a standard of coaching dedication and integrity in your work that it was nothing short of inspirational….I kid you not.”

Dr. Chris Dewey, CPC